March 23, 2009

KiwiKiwifruit (the fruit of Actinidia Deliciosa) is one of the most tasty and delicious foods which are extremely useful for our health and can work for our benefit as natural remedies. It is commonly believed that Kiwifruit originates from New Zealand, where it received its name after famous Kiwi birds, an international symbol of New Zealand. However, this fruit is native to northern China (namely, the Yangtze River valley), where is it known as Mihou Tao, or”macaque peach”. This fruit was brought to New Zealand by Chinese missionaries in the beginning of the last century. Nowadays, Kiwifruit is popular in many countries of the world, and the largest plantations of Kiwi trees are located in California, New Zealand, Chile, Italy, Greece, Japan, France, South Africa and other places. Read the rest of this entry »