Fizzy DrinksFizzy drinks, sweetened drinks, commercially produced juices and sodas are a curse of our times. How often we use these drinks even though we know how harmful they are to our health. We can give up eating cakes and cookies, fries and fast food, other unhealthy foods, but for most of us it can be really hard to give up using bottled juices or even the light but slightly sweetened soda. We are craving to drinking something good, something sweet, something we truly enjoy. Moreover, we all know how much little kids and teenagers love Cola and other fizzy drinks! Unfortunately, there are really plenty of health risks behind fizzy or sweetened drinks. It was believed that most of those are centered around getting extra calories, increasing our risks of obesity, serious cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, and so on. However, the risks actually go far beyond just that. Read the rest of this entry »