bad habitsUndoubtedly, we all have bad habits which affect our health. But the most sad thing is: so many times and in so many ways our bad habits also affect the lifestyle and health of people around us. Unfortunately, according to the scientists, such habits as binging on junk food can not only make negative impact on our health, dear young ladies, but also affect the health of our children – and could even be passed to them! It is hard to believe, but so say Australian specialists from the FOODplus Research Centre in the School of Agriculture Food and Wine at the University of Adelaide. Read the rest of this entry »

June 22, 2010

Unhealthy foodsOne can not imagine, how many unhealthy foods we actually see in our supermarkets, and sometimes we do consume those. Unhealthy foods do not only lead to weight gain, problems with digestive system and cardio-vascular problems. Unhealthy foods also stimulate aging and shorten our lifespan. Below, you can see a list of commercially produced foods to forget about for those who are making efforts on weight loss and leading a healthy lifestyle. Read the rest of this entry »