October 25, 2012

How To Prevent StrokeTomatoes are among the most popular and healthiest vegetables on our tables. There are numerous health benefits of tomato juice and raw tomatoes which can be used by all of us year round to improve our health and prevent numerous diseases. First of all, tomatoes are known for their high content of very potent antioxidants lycopenes, and just like all atioxidat sources, tomatoes are considered powerful protection against oxydative stress and negative effects of aging. Studies have shown that consuming tomatoes on a regular basis can assist in lowering risks of certain types of cancer, improving and stimulating the function of important body organs and systems, etc. In addition, according to the latest findings of a group of Finnish researchers, published earlier this month in Neurology magazine, eating tomatoes on a regular basis can reduce the risk for stroke, especially in men. Read the rest of this entry »