stressSuffering from daily anxiety and stress is normal. It’s a natural reaction to the negative things that you encounter every day. But when that stress starts to impact your life it can be a problem. If you feel stress every day at work or home, chances are it is affecting your quality of life, and unless you can relieve the stress you’ll be unable to enjoy many of life’s enjoyable activities. Read the rest of this entry »

October 25, 2010

herbal remediesThere are many common effective herbal remedies for anxiety which have been used for centuries to calm down the nervous system, relieve emotional tension, as well as for reducing anxiety and improving sleep. However,  there was a certain lack of scientific evidence of the fact that these herbal remedies do work well. A group of specialists at the Global Neuroscience Initiative foundation located in Los Angeles carried out a study on the effects of the most known herbal remedies and dietary supplements for nervous tension and anxiety. Read the rest of this entry »

September 6, 2010

herbal preparationsBefore we define and analyze the specifics of a number of herbal preparations, as well as check out the tips on making them at home, there are some things and considerations one should go through before coming directly to the point. As I’ve mentioned before, preparing own herbal teas, decoctions, extracts, infusions and other types of herbal remedies is a very interesting and creative process, which however requires certain skills and knowledge. Read the rest of this entry »

August 30, 2010

Herbal RemediesHerbs and medicinal plants play a huge role in modern medicine. They can help us prevent and lower the chances of one or another disease, assist in curing our ailments and sicknesses. They can be also used for cleansing our body, stimulating blood circulation and metabolism, slowing down aging processes and rejuvenating our body tissues, as well as for various other purposes. However, what are the ways to prepare and administer medicinal herbs and plants for our health benefits? Read the rest of this entry »

June 23, 2010

Weight LossThe problem of ineffective weight management is very well familiar to many modern people, both men and women. This problem seems to have a very easy solution: one should choose a good diet plan and a plan of daily physical exercises, and the excessive weight will go away. But it is not that easy! Sometimes, only one thought that you should avoid eating some foods make us lose our battle with extra weight. And this is the time to ask for help of herbal medicine. Read the rest of this entry »

October 12, 2009

Cold preventionAutumn has come and brought cold weather along with increased risks of having such diseases as cold, flu, bronchitis, and so on. There are hundreds of natural remedies and therapeutic procedures which can assist in strengthening our immune system and preventing those distressful respiratory diseases. Recently, the gurus of traditional Indian medicine Ayurveda named one more effective remedy that can be used for cold prevention. They suggested using three known spices in order to improve the immune system and avoid catching cold.

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