July 1, 2013

SmoothiesNowadays, smoothies and other healthy beverages have became very popular, both among those who prefer home cooking and those who choose to take a light bite in small cafes or restaurants. Smoothies, frappes, various beverages with freshly squeezed juice or low fat yogurt are very well promoted as healthy drinks or snakes which can add a great number of vitamins and essential nutrients, at that are believed to be quite low in calories and dangerous fats. That is why most of us learned how to prepare and started extensively using this kind of beverages. Moreover, healthy beverages are now offered in some very popular fast food restaurants like McDonald’s, Baskin and Robbins, and many others. Recently, an international group of scientists decided to look closer at chemical content, calories and possible health impact of consuming such kind of healthy smoothies, mainly the ones offered by public restaurants. The findings were quite surprising and very very disappointing for the researchers. Read the rest of this entry »