February 26, 2009

BlossomHave you ever enjoyed amazing fragrance of Hawthorn blossom in the middle of May? Those beautiful white blossoms with mesmerizing glorious scent…

Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna) is a mystic and miraculous tree, which is also known as the May-tree. It has special and sometimes absolutely controversial meanings in many cultures of the world. For some nations it symbolizes hope, and for other nations it symbolizes evil. For example, in Ancient Rome, Hawthorn blossom was a wedding flower and was used for decorative garlands. In ancient Greece, the blossom was a symbol of virginity and chastity. Christians take Hawthorn as a sacred plant which decorated Jesus Christ’s crown of thorns. However, in British folklore, there is a taboo on bringing Hawthorn blossom into the house since it was believed to bring sicknesses and death. Read the rest of this entry »