November 18, 2011

GarlicIt turns out that garlic can provide us with a great protection not only against vampires and the cold. Garlic has amazing natural powers and therapeutic benefits which make it one of the greatest and the most valuable natural superfoods. According to the newest findings of a study carried out by a group of scientists at Emory University School of Medicine in the United States, garlic oil can be used as an excellent natural remedy to prevent heart damage. At that, this protection is very effective as it prevents all types of damage of heart tissues on cellular level. Read the rest of this entry »

Herbal Remedies for Back Pains

Author: Carla Fiscina
March 19, 2009

BackpainsIt is possible to say that back pain is a curse of our times. It is reported that every 8 of 10 American are familiar with this problem, and every 4 of 10 Americans have serious problems with back, which are connected with spasmodic and chronic pains, the necessity to stay in bed for long periods of time and so on. In many situations, back pain starts suddenly without any warning signs, that is why in order to stop it, many of us tend to use powerful anabolic and anti-inflammatory medicines. However, no one should forget that there are also very effective and well-known herbal remedies for back pains which can assist in reducing painful syndromes and fastening the process of total recovery. Read the rest of this entry »