July 11, 2013

DishwasherIn today’s developed countries, it is hard to find a house without such an appliance as dishwasher. Most of modern housewives use this simple device to help relieve housework load, use water in a more economical manner, and increase the quality of cleaning and disinfecting dishes. Dishwashers are very popular, and for very long time these kinds of appliances were considered quite safe type of devices. However, according to the findings of one of the latest studies, using dishwashers can actually be linked to one very serious potential danger to our health. The report about a related research by a group of American scientists was published this week in the journal Medical Mycology. The study has shown that every two of three dishwashers in modern houses are filled with very dangerous fungi and bacteria which impose our general health to a serious risk of catching infectious diseases caused by these microorganisms! Read the rest of this entry »