April 1, 2013

Alergic To FruitsAllergies are a true curse of our times, and every year, more and more people find themselves sneezing, itching, suffering from running nose, swollen lips, throat, or tongue, or showing other symptoms of allergies. Sometimes it is very hard to figure out what exact allergy a patient suffers from, and even the best allergy tests fail to give an answer to that question. It may take years to find out what kind of allergy one or another person has developed. Some experts explain the increasing number of various types of allergies and the number of people suffering from this problem with increasing pollution, increasing amounts of toxic substances in everything that surrounds us, including the products we use for cleaning our houses, washing our skin or hair, adding to our daily meals, etc. For example, being allergic to washing powder is becoming more and more common, especially for the people who reside in the most developed countries of the world. There is a truly great number of allergies, and there is very serious threat to¬† the health of people suffering from allergies due to increased exposure to the allergens, or allergy causing substances. Read the rest of this entry »