The Mediterranean Diet PlanThose who are interested in healthy nutrition and its effects on our health must be very well aware about numerous benefits and advantages of the Mediterranean diet. It is a famous type of diet that has been practiced in the countries of the Mediterranean region (Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, etc.) and is based on consuming good amounts of fresh fruit, veggies, fish, beans, seeds, whole grains,  and other healthy natural foods on a daily basis. Using healthy amounts of high quality olive oil for cooking meals and dressing salads is an important distinctive feature of this diet. Another interesting fact is: a Mediterranean diet plan rarely includes traditional desserts like cakes or cookies, and mainly those are fruits (fresh, dried, or cooked) which play a role of desserts. It is considered a very healthy diet, and it is very highly valued by all experts and nutritionists around the world. Read more to find an answer to the question, what is the Mediterranean diet. Read the rest of this entry »