Cheese Affects Fertility In Men

Author: Carla Fiscina
December 19, 2012

cheeseDairy products have been known as the natural foods to balance female hormones. The low fat milk products like low fat yogurt, low fat milk and cheese, etc, which are recommended to be added to a healthy diet and provide our body with all the nutrients they contain, are rich in natural estrogens essential for all women, especially to those in early menopause phase. A few years ago a group of Japanese scientists studied the nutritional values and the effects of milk coming from pregnant and not pregnant cows. In today’s dairy farms around the world cows are being milked up to 300 days a year, and very often the milk comes from pregnant cows. It turned out that dairy products produced from milk coming from pregnant cows are extremely high in female hormones: sometimes, milk that comes from cows on their latest phases of pregnancy has up to 33 times higher content of estrone sulfate compared to the milk coming from not pregnant cows. Read the rest of this entry »