April 3, 2013

Extra Virgin Oilve OilHigh quality olive oil, namely extra virgin olive oil, is known for its amazing health benefits. It is considered one of the best natural sources of fatty acids essential for our good health. It is believed that a regular consumption of small amounts of extra virgin olive oil is linked to reduced risks of serious cardiovascular conditions like heart disease or a stroke, since this natural product can assist in reducing bad cholesterol levels, improving our vascular health and preventing clot formation. Finally, it was recently reported that by consuming high quality olive oil on a regular basis we can speed up weight loss and reduce obesity related risks. According to the findings of an expert group from Germany and Austria, by consuming some small amounts of extra virgin olive oil we can effectively reduce food cravings and consume less calories, thus lower the risks of weight gain. See more information about this interesting research in this article. Read the rest of this entry »