Exercise Before BreakfastA lack of physical activities and poor health caused by this factor are the things that we all suffer from. We spend hours sitting at the tables in front of our computers, watching TV, waiting for something or someone, riding a bus or a train, and so on. We spend much more time motionless than we do moving, that is why even young people of our times have plenty of serious health conditions. Being overweight is one of the most common of those, and many of us start paying attention to the lifestyle and the necessity to exercise only when those extra pounds start appearing. Along with controlling our calorie consumption and daily food intake, exercising is one of the principal approaches to more effective weight management. What most of us usually do is doing some indoor exercises (power training, weight lifting, yoga, indoor cardiovascular exercises on a treadmill, etc.) or outdoor physical activities (jogging, cycling, swimming, hiking, and so on). Read the rest of this entry »