The skin of your lips is very sensitive and tender. In spring, ineffective nutrition, lack of vitamins and water in your body, as well as cold wind and low temperature cause dry skin on your lips. You can use the following solution offered you by aromatherapy:

March 19, 2010

back painsVery often our back pains and aches increase in spring. We start feeling acute pains in the spine or neck, long-term headaches and heaviness in the head, and other characteristic symptoms. Fortunately, we have our essential oils and aromatherapy which can help up to get rid of these bothering symptoms. All you need to do is take a seance of aromatherapy massage to treat back pains. The following blend of essential oils is recommended for such massage: Read the rest of this entry »

March 12, 2010

AromatherapyMany of us “celebrate” every new spring with new health problems and ailments like frequent colds, depressions, mood swings and weakened immunity. Fortunately, we have a great help given to us by our Mother Nature: essential oils. Therapeutic properties of these natural remedies are known since the times of Ancient Egypt, and the queens of Far East and India used aromatherapy approaches which could help them to renew and refresh the body, especially in spring time. Read the rest of this entry »

Natural Remedies for Your Feet

Author: Carla Fiscina
March 6, 2009

FeetIt is not easy to describe, how much work our feet do for us, and how terribly we mistreat them! Walking on incredibly high heels, standing on feet for hours, wearing very uncomfortable, but fashionable shoes! Sometimes, our feet are crying for help, and everything we can do is just 5-10 minutes of daily care. However, not may of us find time for that, until we start feeling pain in our feet after hard working days. Sore feet, dry feet, heel spurs, wounds, hematomas and blisters, fungal infections – these are just few problems which are familiar to many people, especially women. Why don’t we treat our feet right? Read the rest of this entry »

Tea Tree Oil

Author: Carla Fiscina
December 22, 2008

Tea Tree ForestMany of us know about miraculous effects of Tea tree oil. This is a popular essential oil obtained from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia, a tree from Australia. Centuries ago, Australian aborigines were using these leaves as tea, that gave its worldwide known name to this plant. The natives also discovered excellent anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties of Melaleuca alternifolia. In the eighteenth century, the members of Captain Cook’s expedition brought the first tea tree leave samples to Europe. Since those times, a great deal of researches and studies of therapeutic effects of this plant were carried out, and production of various creams, lotions, ointments and other medicines containing tea tree oil was put on a commercial footing.

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Cedarwood Oil (Cedrus atlantica)

Author: Carla Fiscina
October 6, 2008

In modern medicine, cedarwood oil is considered to be a valuable source of useful nutrients, which are carefully selected and balanced by our Mother Nature. Clinical researches proved high therapeutic effectiveness of cedarwood oil, which contains 19 amino acids (including Linoleic and Linolenic acids, which can not be synthesized in our body and must be consumed with food) necessary for protein synthesis. In addition, cedarwood oil is a great source of Vitamin F, known as growth facilitator, as well as Vitamins B, D and E, and a great deal of microelements. Read the rest of this entry »