January 19, 2011

fast eatersWe already know that eating slowly is very important for everyone of us. No matter what meal we are talking about, our breakfast, dinner or lunch, we should eat it not in 2, but at least within 10-15 minutes. According to the results of a study which was published lot long ago in the British Medical Journal, it is essential not only to watch what we eat, but also to control how fast we eat. And even those fast eaters who consume a low calorie or other effective type of diet, have quite high chances for being overweight and suffering from all related problems. Read the rest of this entry »

April 29, 2009

We all know that eating fast is very harmful for our health. However, we frequently regard eating as nothing else but just a routine activity and eat really fast. Is there anyone who is not aware that eating fast leads to various problems with digestive system, overeating and weight gain? Look at the French or the Japanese: they seem to be healthier and more fit because their culture of eating has been developing for centuries and these people find eating to be a truly enjoyable experience. Read the rest of this entry »