February 22, 2013

AntioxidantsWe heard a lot about antioxidants, magic natural substances with truly amazing properties. Antioxidants can be found in plenty of natural foods, including red wine, green tea, cocoa beans, forest berries, some fruits and vegetables, and so on. Antioxidant effects include, first of all, very powerful protection against oxidative stress, or damage that causes oxygen exposure to our cells. Oxygen exposure is linked to aging, and by using antioxidants our body cells can protect themselves against these destructive processes on cellular levels. Other known valuable antioxidant effects are cardiovascular health strengthening and natural protection against tumor development. Some studies have also shown that by using natural antioxidant sources it is possible to improve mental health, stimulate our brain and reduce dementia risk, as well as strengthen our overall health and increase our life expectancy. Read the rest of this entry »

January 28, 2013

The Mediterranean DietThe Mediterranean diet is considered among the healthiest and the most beneficial diets on the planet. Traditional eating habits of Greece, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Morocco, South France, and other countries of the region, known as the Mediterranean diet, include consuming plenty of dietary fiber from fresh fruit and vegetables, healthy oil from fish and olive oil, as well as lower amounts of sugars, saturated fat and carbs, thus, decreased amounts of calories compared with traditional European or North American types of diet. The most important Mediterranean diet benefits include very effective natural protection against such common health conditions as cardiovascular diseases, most types of cancer, skin problems, digestive disorders, and some others. In addition, according to the recent findings, using this type of diet can assist in decreasing type 2 diabetes and even help fight depression. Read the rest of this entry »