August 11, 2012

Daily Water ConsumptionA lot of people who are concerned about their health and are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle are making every effort to monitor their daily water consumption and consume plenty of water every day. The importance of water as the principal substance involved in all processes on earth including the ones in our body is indisputable. Water makes up for over two thirds of our body weight, 95 per cent of our brain mass, 90 per cent of our lungs and 82 per cent of our blood. It plays the key role in metabolism and detoxification processes, regulates our body temperature, and serves for transporting all important nutrients and micro-elements to all our body organs and systems. That is why drinking proper amounts of high quality water (free of all possible toxic and poisonous elements and substances) is essential for our health, so we all have to provide our body with sufficient amounts of water, regardless of where we are and what we are doing. Read the rest of this entry »