September 10, 2012

Vitamin B6 DeficiencyVitamin B complex and vitamin B6 are very important nutrients essential for our health. These vitamins take part in many principal chemical processes in the body: they closely interact with over 60 enzymes, assist in speeding up metabolism, cell production, tissue rejuvenation, production high quality red blood cells, and a great deal of other processes. Vitamin B6 is essential for proper brain health, maintaining a proper nerve system function, as well as for protein digestion and breaking down. Since our body can not produce vitamin B6, it is necessary to add natural food sources of this vitamin (including broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, bell peppers, spinach, turnip greens, mushrooms, green beans, tomatoes, kale, potato, winter squash, tuna fish, cod, salmon, turkey, mustard greens, and others) to our daily diet. Read the rest of this entry »