Cheddar Cheese Nutrition Benefits

Author: Carla Fiscina
April 8, 2013

cheese nutrition benefitsCheddar cheese is one of the most popular and favorite types of cheese known and very liked through out the world. This type of cheese originates from a small village of Cheddar in the United Kingdom, but in our times it is widely produced in many countries of Europe and the world. It is estimated that cheddar cheese accounts for over 51 per cent of the today’s cheese market of the United Kingdom, and it plays an important role in the world’s cheese market along with famous French, Swiss, Italian, and Asian types of cheese. Despite the fact that cheeses like cheddar are considered quite high in saturated fats, thus their consumption can till some degree be linked to certain increase in bad cholesterol levels and increased related health risks, cheese is still considered a good product recommended to be added to everyone’s daily diet in small amounts. Cheddar cheese nutrition benefits and numerous, and below there is a small review of health benefits related to consuming high quality cheddar cheese on a daily basis. Read the rest of this entry »