January 21, 2010

We all know so well that increased calorie intake causes overweight. Therefore, what usually matters is not how much you eat, but how much of high calorie foods you eat. In order to help those people who have problems with effective weight management, a group of Israeli and Russian nutritionists created a list of low calorie foods. These foods are nutritious, healthy, economic and available for everyone. Read the rest of this entry »

Health Benefits of Carrot Juice

Author: Carla Fiscina
March 12, 2009

CarrotCarrots should be considered a goldmine of natural vitamins and nutrients. Among other raw vegetable juices, carrot juice is an absolute leader in the context of the variety of its therapeutic effects, the contents of useful elements and its compatibility with other juices or foods. Nutritional and therapeutic values of carrot juice were discovered by the health practitioners of early European civilizations. Carrots originate from the Mediterranean region, where this vegetable was used by the Ancient Greeks since the 20th century B.C. They loved drinking carrot juice for its excellent cleansing effects and, in addition, it was considered a good remedy for constipation and physical exhaustion. Read the rest of this entry »