Tea Assists for Stroke Prevention

Author: Carla Fiscina
May 25, 2009

I suppose that tea is definitely a subject of the largest number of various researches and scientific studies. And there’s nothing surprising about it! Tea is a miraculous therapeutic beverage which has a special place in every single culture of the world. It can be considered the most popular drink which can help us relax and enjoy its beautiful aroma, quench our thirst, get warm, forget about our problems and stresses, get closer with someone and so on. Moreover, for many of us tea is much more than just a beverage. Tea is linked to the most precious and romantic moments in our life. Drinking a cup of tea can help us to get focused and settle our mind, or can be an invitation for a friendly talk. And, there’s no need to mention numerous health benefits of various types of tea. Read the rest of this entry »