August 31, 2012

spinach and healthMost of us are well aware about the dangers and risks linked to consuming the foods that can be found in today’s supermarkets. Most of the foods are packed with preservatives, genetically modified substances, poisonous or toxic elements, and all sorts of chemicals harmful to our health. Many foods of those that we eat are actually affected by carcinogens, the substances with cause cellular damage (by alerting our DNA) or disrupt metabolic processes in our body, this way playing a role in cancerous cells development and increasing our risks of cancer. At the same time, scientist found out that certain foods like tomatoes, blueberries, broccoli, bell peppers, and others, have quite powerful effects and can assist in cancer prevention. According to the findings of the most recent study, organic spinach should also be added to the list of the best cancer prevention foods, along with the above mentioned fruits and veggies. Read the rest of this entry »