October 7, 2011

Type 2 DiabetesIn the modern world, a great deal of people, men and women, are suffering from such problem as extra weight which is strictly linked to many negative factors, including highly elevated risks of developing a great deal of very dangerous diseases and ailments. It is a known fact that people with a high BMI are way more prone to developing such disease as type 2 diabetes, which is becoming more and more common nowadays. However, a study has shown that men can be more likely to develop this disease than women, due to certain biological specifics of their body. Read the rest of this entry »

May 5, 2010

Weight ManagementFor many years, body mass index, or BMI, was supposed to be one of the key indexes not only in the context of weight management, but also from the point of preventing many common diseases, like stroke or diabetes. BMI is an important index stated in any type of electronic clinical records, and almost all doctors use for making a correct diagnosis as the index recommended by the World’s Health Organization. Read the rest of this entry »

June 26, 2009

The findings of a new interesting research published recently in Obesity online journal are being vividly discussed in today’s mass media. Canadian and American specialists at Statistics Canada, Oregon Health & Science University, Portland State University, McGill University and Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research are convinced that those of us who have a few extra pounds have much better chances to live longer than those whose BMI varies from 18.5 to 25. Read the rest of this entry »