Health Benefits Of Castor Oil

Author: Carla Fiscina
May 13, 2012

Castor Oil BenefitsCastor Oil is one of the most commonly used oils for skin and hair care. This oil is extracted from castor plant seeds (Ricinus Communis) that are harvested from large leafy plants with reddish or green beans that grow in tropical zones of the earth (mainly in India, Ethiopia, Brazil, The Mediterranean region, and even China). Castor oil comes as a slightly yellowish liquid with heavy earthy aroma, and this natural product has been used for many centuries to treat a wast variety of health conditions and ailments. In particular, health benefits of castor oil were well known in Ancient Egypt and Roman Empire. Besides, castor oil benefits and therapeutic properties have been mentioned in written works by Herodotus, a famous historian of Ancient Greece. Read the rest of this entry »