November 30, 2012

Bad Effects Of SmokingThe list of bad effects of smoking is really very impressive but still millions of people around the world can not quit this bad habit. First of all, smoking is linked to very high risk of lung cancer which is currently the second most common type of cancer in the UK and takes over 41,500 people’s lives every year. According to Cancer Research magazine, every 9 of 10 cases of lung cancer is caused by heavy smoking. Other common bad effects of smoking include high risk of vascular problems like varicose veins, pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases, infertility in both men and women. Finally, getting no proper quit smoking help and being unable to give up this terrible habit before the age of 40 can end up with very serious consequences for women. According to the findings of Oxford University scientists, women aged 40+ who can not stop smoking are exposed to very high risk of premature death and usually live a 10-year shorter life. Read the rest of this entry »