Apple PeelMany of us are used to peeling apples before consuming as fresh fruits or using them for cooking. It is especially common for moms who usually peel apples and some other fruits before giving those to their kids. Apple peel removal can really make sense because, according to the findings of recent scientific studies, most of harmful chemicals and toxic elements are collected exactly in apple peel, so peeling apples makes the fruit more healthy. On the other hand, along with toxic elements, apple peel is a deposit of most of the useful elements, vitamins and minerals found in apples. That is why, provided the apples are organic and grown with minimal use of fertilizers and chemicals, it is strongly recommended to eat the fruits without removing the peel.  The scientists are convinced that this way apples can be a great natural protective tool against such common health conditions as elevated blood pressure (hypertension), diabetes, and even obesity, the latest studies have reported. Read the rest of this entry »