June 1, 2013

CinnamonCinnamon is a very common spice and natural remedy with a great number of therapeutic values and health benefits. It is also one of the oldest known spices which was very highly valued in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. It is mentioned in the Song of Solomon, in the oldest known version of the Hebrew Bible. Cinnamon is widely used for baking, serving some drinks, spicing some desserts, as well as an amazing natural remedy for treating and preventing some unwanted health conditions. Studies have shown that this natural solution can work great for reducing bacteria, preventing type 2 diabetes and various bacterial diseases. This natural remedy is considered great for preventing hypertension and warding off serious cardiovascular diseases. As a great stimulant, cinnamon can boost metabolism and speed up weight loss. However, some new previously unknown therapeutic benefits of cinnamon have been reported and widely discussed in scientific circles. Read the rest of this entry »

August 3, 2011

Alzheimers diseaseEvery year, about 35 million people around the world are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, one of the most terrible mind-robbing mental disorders. Alzheimer’s is linked to a loss of brain function and memory loss, that seriously damage the function of thinking and affect the person’s behavior to a great extent. There are no known treatments to reverse this dreadful disease, that is why the importance of Alzheimer’s disease prevention is impossible to underestimate. And it is crucial to think about this aging-related health condition and cut its risk factors even for those who are in their early 30s-40s. Read the rest of this entry »