Lower Cholesterol NaturallyLately, health benefits of red wine have become a focus of great public attention and a center of serious public discussion. Traditionally, red wine is used as a part of healthy Mediterranean diet and for centuries it has been highly valued for its high concentrations of natural antioxidants to provide our body with plenty of benefits, starting from rejuvenating effects for our skin and ending up with reducing the risks of many common types of cancer as well as lowering cardiovascular disease risk. At the same time, according to the findings of some recent studies, including the research of Washington University experts, drinking a glass of red wine, even the highest quality wine, may not lead to any positive health effect especially in young and middle-aged healthy women. You can find detailed information about the conclusions of Washington University researchers regarding the effects and health benefits of red wine in this article, or read more about other health effects of red wine. Read the rest of this entry »