August 27, 2012

3 Cups Of CoffeeThough more controversial than tea, coffee is also known as a healthy beverage with numerous benefits for our health, if taken in moderate amounts on a regular basis. Coffee is an excellent natural source of caffeine, a known tonic and stimulant for our brain, helping us wake up in the morning, get focused easily and perform at maximum at work. According to WebMD experts, moderate coffee consumption is linked to less risks for type 2 diabetes and elevated blood pressure, heart attack and a stroke, carcinoma and some other types of cancer, as well as other very serious health conditions. At the same time, the specialists of the website underline that despite great popularity of this beverage, there were not too many studies and scientific researches proving the effectiveness of this beverage for preventing or treating certain illnesses or diseases. Recently, the findings of one related study were published, and according to those, there was clear scientific evidence found to support the fact that consuming 3 cups of coffee a day can lower dementia and Alzheimer’s risk for the elderly. Read the rest of this entry »