broccoliIt is hard to imagine that a superfood like broccoli can be improved and the number of its effects and health benefits can be increased. Anyways, very soon a new type of super broccoli is expected to appear in the markets and grocery stores of the UK. A group of specialists at the Institute of Food Research and the John Innes Centre in Norwich have developed a new variety of broccoli with boosted powers to fight all possible heart problems and even many types of cancer. The new super broccoli received the name Beneforte, and the experts are convinced that is going to have a very good demand.

The UK researchers developed a new type of broccoli containing as much as three times higher levels of glucoraphanin, a phytonutriet that is responsible for heart health improving and cancer preventing properties of broccoli. This chemical compound is considered to be a biological predecessor of sulforaphane, a very powerful cancer-fighting agent that can be found in broccoli. It is also considered very effective for heart disease prevention. super broccoliIn addition, glucoraphanin is a natural compound that can boost the levels of antioxidants in the body this way slowing down aging processes in the tissues.

The research lasted for two and a half decades, and it was in 1983 when the first experiments on receiving a new breed of super broccoli started. On the first stages of the project, wild specials of broccoli with higher levels of glucoraphanin with the strains of common broccoli. At that, the scientists refused using any genetically modified material for creating this type of super broccoli. That is why consuming this miraculous veggies with boosted anti-cancer and heart health protecting powers should be considered safe and harmless.

Richard Mithen, an expert from the Institute of Food Research and one of the leaders of the study, comments on the findings and the newly received type of broccoli Beneforte as the following: “Our research has given new insights into the role of broccoli and other similar vegetables in promoting health, and has shown how this understanding can lead to the development of potentially more nutritious varieties of our familiar vegetables.” He also underlines that the veggie has a very pleasant taste and expresses the hope that the super broccoli will find its place on the tables of all modern people.

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