vegan meatScientists say that very soon a brand new substitute for meat is going to appear in our food markets and, thus, on our tables. It is a new type of vegan meat which is going to look, smell, taste, and completely feel like usual organic meat. However, still it will be produced totally without animal products and include only 100 per cent vegetable ingredients. According to the researches who are working on developing this new type of vegan meat, the product will not only have amazing taste, but also it is going to be totally environmental friendly. Thus, it can be a perfect meal for those who avoid consuming all sorts of animal products but are wondering about the taste and feeling of this unique substitute for meat.

A group of scientists from the Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging IVV decided to create an eco-friendly alternative for meat. As we all know, producing meat is a very complex and costly process which has nothing to do with being eco-friendly. It is estimated that to receive just one kilo of high quality meat, farm animals have to consume from five to eight kilos of natural foods like grains, wheat, fresh grass, and so on. Thus, the experts consider that it could be much better to develop a technology of producing high quality substitute for meat just from vegetables and other natural healthy products.Substitute For Meat Encouraged by the fact that a great deal of Europeans are actually ready to give up their meat consumption, German scientists started their work.

Our goal is to develop a vegetable surrogate for meat that is both juicy and fibrous, but that also has a pleasant flavour. The product should have a long shelf life, it should not be more expensive than meat, and be suitable for vegetarians and allergy sufferers,” Florian Wild, one of the experts at the Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging IVV and one of the study leaders commented on the work of his expert team. He says that him and his colleagues have now entered the final stages of the development, and for final test they teamed up with the scientists from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, and a group or experts at the University of Wageningen, the Netherlands.

For the moment, the first prototype of the new substitute for meat has been received in the labs, and the equipment necessary for producing the new type of meat is quite compact, the scientists say. In the labs, they managed to produce a 1 cm thin large piece of the new vegan meat, which can be used for producing full-size cutlets, as well as diced or sliced for producing other types of commercial meat products. The experts say that they managed to receive the meat of very good texture and consistency. The researchers report that with the existing equipment in the lab, they can produce up to 60-70 kilos of vegan meat for just 1 hour, that can rise up to 350-400 kilos a day.

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