obesityObesity prevention is a number one concern of modern health care specialists, who are looking for new effective ways to aid all of us in weight loss, weight management and obesity prevention. According to the latest findings, such practice as letting babies lie on their tummies after feeding can substantially lower the chances to have such problem as obesity. Therefore, young moms who make their babies lie on their tummies after breastfeeding can assist in making their children more fit and healthy in their adult years.

Specialists from the University of Sydney and South Western Sydney Local Health Districts who came up with this interesting obesity prevention technique are convinced that laying down on the tummy can help strengthen back muscle motor movement of the baby, as well as strengthen the neck muscles.obesity prevention These are more vital skills which can help babies be more confident when doing other movements like rolling over, sitting, walking and so on.

The experts carried out what they are calling theĀ  Healthy Beginnings Trial, in the framework of which 667 first-time moms were regularly visited by childhood care nurses when the child was 1, 3, 5, 9 and 12 months old. The main objective was working with the moms and explaining them the importance of letting the babies lie on their tummies after feeding. The study was started in 2007 and the first findings, namely positive effects of the mentioned practice on obesity prevention, were recently reported. It is planned to carry out more studies and researches to observe the tendencies even closer.

Li Ming Wen, one of the leading specialists of the University of Sydney, underlines the role of the received findings for obesity prevention and assisting young moms in taking better care for the babies and infants. “This is a very important finding considering 21 per cent of boys and 18 per cent of girls… aged two to three years are overweight or obese.” “It looks as though if we intervene early we can actually make a difference in the long-term,” the scientist added. Chris Rissel, another specialist from the study group, says that the home visits during the experiments made young moms increase their practice of placing their babies to lie on their tummies from 76 percent to 86 percent. Besides, for most of the babies tummy time now starts much earlier.


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