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Weight gaining and increasing muscle mass are very important parts of training strategies of all bodybuilders and athletes, but in order to optimize this process, they have to stick to a healthy diet rich with carbs, fats and proteins, and also keep their calorie and protein intake under a strict control. Muscle Advance Weight Gainer formula includes Branched Chain Amino Acids, Ultra-filtered Whey Protein Concentrates, Cross-Flow Micro filtered Whey Protein Isolate, Potassium Caseinate and Egg Albumen. The main purpose of this product is to deliver high-quality proteins to your muscles, help promote your muscle growth and keep you digestive system in a good condition. In addition, it contains a variety of useful elements, vitamins, digestive enzymes, glutamine peptides and essential fatty acids, but, at the same time, it is free from trans-isomer fatty acids.

weight gaining

Use Muscle Advance Weight Gainer for your benefit after workouts, before going to bed or just between meals (recommended for maintaining positive nitrogen balance and boosting protein synthesis). It has a pleasant chocolate flavor and can be mixed with a shaker or a spoon into water or milk. This product is very safe since it has low glycemic index and is aspartame free. Incorporate this natural supplement into your diet and you will increase your performance and be able to achieve better results in your everyday muscle building routine.

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