Soy sauceAccording to the recommendations of modern nutritionists, in the year 2010 we are encouraged to consume the products which contain lots of antioxidants. High quality red wine is highly suggested as one of the best and the richest sources of these useful substances, but what can be other options for those people who are trying to keep away from alcoholic drinks, by one or another reason?

The answer was given by a group of scientists from the National University of Singapore, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine. These specialists found out that such popular ingredient of the most Japanese and Oriental dishes as soy sauce, is about 10 times more effective than red wine from the point of antioxidant contents. Professor Barry Halliwell, one of the leaders of the research, confirmed that antioxidant activity of soy sauce is tenfold more effective than the one of red wine, and 150 times more effective than the one of vitamins C and E (in particular, orange juice). It is the main of other numerous soy sauce benefits.

In particular, regular consumption of soy sauce turned out to be linked to lower risks of having a stroke or other cardio-vascular diseases, which are causing greater and greater number of deaths around the world. It is a known fact that antioxidants have positive effects on our body as they can block production of free radicals and assist in fighting against such problems as aging, obesity, stresses, hypertension and even diabetes. Also, antioxidants have properties to improve our immunity and protect us against viruses and all possible infections. The experts are convinced that consuming just a tablespoon of this product a day will give us opportunity to enjoy the full variety of soy sauce benefits and become healthier, day by day.

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