Menthol ciragettesSmoking is a very nasty habit which is one of the hardest to get rid of. Some people believe that smoking menthol cigarettes is linked to less harmful effects, and such perceptions are usually driven by advertisements of menthol cigarettes, filled with words ‘light’, ‘mild’, or ‘refreshing’. In real, it was found out that menthol cigarette tobacco is not less harmful, and the American Cancer Association specialists say that those who smoke menthol cigarettes actually have higher risks of lung cancer since menthol cigarettes have heavier effects on lungs. In addition, it is considered that quitting smoking menthol cigarettes is harder compared to quitting smoking usual cigarettes. However, those are not the only negative effects. According to the findings of a recent study, those who like smoking menthol cigarettes have higher risks of having a stroke, compared to those who smoke menthol-free cigarettes.

A group of scientists at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto studied the effects of smoking menthol cigarettes. An extensive data on over 5,000 adult smokers from the United States provided by the U.S. health and lifestyle surveys was analyzed. Among the stated amount of smokers, about 26 per cant were constant menthol cigarettes smokers, and the rest were smoking only traditional menthol-free cigarettes. menthol cigarette tobaccoAfter analyzing medical history of the participants, the scientists found out that 3.4 per cent of menthol cigarette smokers suffered from a stroke. At the same time, only 2.7 per cent of those who smoked menthol-free tobacco had a stroke. Therefore, using menthol cigarettes is more likely linked to this serious cardiovascular problem the scientists say.

However, the second stage of the study included analyzing other factors related to the issue, like gender, age, race of the smokers, as well as the number of cigarettes they are usually smoking a day. After taking these factors into account, it turned out that smoking menthol cigarettes is linked to even higher risks of having a stroke, especially for non-African-American smokers and female smokers. Scientists say that for non African-American women, smoking menthol cigarettes can increase risks of suffering form a stroke up to 60 per cent compared to the risks of having a stroke in traditional tobacco smoking women. Therefore, menthol cigarette tobacco is even more harmful, not just to our lungs, but to our vessels and cardiovascular system in general.

It is reported that the mechanisms of menthol cigarettes provoking a stroke-related processes in our cardiovascular system remained unclear. According to Dr. Gordon Tomaselli, cardiology department chief at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore and the president of the American Heart Association, the effects of menthol cigarette tobacco are not causing strokes by rising blood pressure. Dr. Nicholas Vozoris, one of the study leaders and a clinical associate at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, suggested that menthol in menthol cigarettes can have some negative effects on the vessels that supply our brain with blood. Read more about the findings of this interesting study in one of the recent issues of the Archives of Internal Medicine. For more information, go to here.

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