GoutThose who suffer from such health condition as gout are recommended to use skimmed milk on a regular basis as a newly discovered remedy to reduce the symptoms of the disease. It was recently found out that using skimmed milk enriched with two compounds, G600 milk fat extract (G600) and glycomacropeptide (GMP), can be a great natural solution for reducing such common symptoms of gout as flare-ups which are usually causing lots of pain and discomfort. Those are the findings of a new research reported this month in British Medical Journal and in the Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases.

It is not the first scientific study that was focused in the relationship between dairy product consumption and gout. Before, it was discovered that those people who consume a low dairy diet have considerably higher chances to suffer from gout later in their life. The authors of the current experimental study were observing the flare-up occurrence in 120 participants with gout, and it was found out that all the gout sufferers had at least two flare-ups for the four months of the study duration.

To see the effects of milk on the stated health condition, the participants were divided into three groups: one group was consuming skimmed mile powder, the other group was consuming lactose powder, and the third group was consuming skimmed milk enriched with G600 and GMP. Skimmed milkEvery month, the condition of the participants was examined and checked up for possible additional symptoms, and the experts of a rheumatology clinic were asked to make records of daily history of the patients’ flare-ups and pain scale.

There were no serious changes noticed in flare-ups occurrence and pains after the first three months, but one month later it became apparent that the members of the group which was given enriched skimmed milk have showed some decline in their symptoms of gout, in regards to both flare-up occurrence and the intensity of pains. In addition to that, the scientists managed to find improvements in the number of tender joints and the amounts of uric acid in the urine of the members of the third group.

This is the first reported randomised controlled trial of dietary intervention in gout management, and suggests that daily intake of skimmed milk powder enriched with GMP and G600 may reduce the frequency of gout flares,” is said in the report. The authors of the study underline that using a low-fat dairy diet with enriched skimmed milk is not linked to any weight gain or other serious complications and side effects.

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    I pride myself in keeping up to date with natural remedies ,I didn’t know about this one. I recently beat Diabetes 2 naturally, and i’m a firm believer in natural solutions. Thanks for the heads up.