ShoppingAccording to the Daily Mail, it is absolutely possible to remain fit for many years by just becoming a chronic shopper! The findings of a recent study carried out by Skinny Cow, suggest that while doing sopping we burn about 48,000 calories per year, or 5 calories a minute! The researchers found out that an average British woman spends 132 hours a year doing shopping, plus almost 160 hours a year for walking at a brisk pace. It is equivalent to walking from London to Nottingham.

At that, the calorie loss which is experienced by an average woman during such yearly shopping is equivalent to a 25-day diet with the recommended calorie intake – less than 2,000 calories a day. In other words, the shopping we do within one year brings the same effects on our health and weight as a 25-day healthy diet. Wonderful! And it does not matter if you buy something or you do not, cos’ when we are looking for something in one shop or another, we walk a lot and lose a lot of calories. Long live shopping!!

The researchers also found out that an average British woman does about 11 shopping trips a month: two of them are for buying clothes, five are for buying food, and the other four are covered by visiting local markets and shops. Every two of three participants said that they are trying to do their shopping as fast as possible. That is why there’s nothing strange that 6 of 10 women reported that they are usually feeling more tired and exhausted after shopping than after a workout in gym. As a result, an average British woman exercises only about 4 times a month, and the most popular activities include swimming, playing ball games and going to gym.

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