Physical ActivitiesThough the problem of overweight and obesity still remains topical in today’s society, more and more people report about their total success in their fight against extra weight. These are the results of a massive informational and education campaign unfolded in the world’s mass media for the last decade. A great deal of articles, books, scientific studies and researchers were published in order to increase public concern and attract maximum attention to this issue. Nowadays, there are many effective and healthy weight management techniques and strategies were created and became available for everyone who needs to shed some pounds and decrease the risks of harmful side effects of being overweight.

It is a well-known fact that a combination of a low-calorie healthy diet and plenty of physical exercise is the most effective key to a healthy weight. At the same time, according to the findings of a new study carried out by a group of scientists from Harvard University, it is recommended to start with physical activities and exercises before making changes and adjustments to the diet plan. weight managementThe experts found out that there are certain neurocognitive connections between healthy eating and physical activities, and exercising has a power to encourage healthy eating in the framework of a weight loss program.

After analyzing certain data and scientific information related to weight management techniques, the scientists came to the conclusion that by doing plenty of physical activities we can substantially increase our individual sensitivity to all numerous signs of being overweight, this way preventing overeating and warding off many other bad eating habits. ‘In fact, when exercise is added to a weight-loss diet, treatment of obesity is more successful and the diet is adhered to in the long run,’ Dr. Alonso Alonso, one of the study leaders, comments on the findings.

In addition, according to the reports about the study, physical exercises can cause changes in the function and chemical processes in human brain: in particular, it makes the amounts of prefront connections and grey matter larger and more significant. Of course, this way we can more effectively control our behavior and limit our consumption of high-calorie and high-fat foods which cause weight gain. It is believed that the findings of this study can help all of us in maximizing the effectiveness of our individual weight management programs and improving our overall health. Read more about the recent findings of American specialists in the latest issues of  Obesity Reviews.

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