dairy productsDairy products are quite common elements of our daily diet, and though they are considered somehow controversial (some studies have shown that consuming dairy products rich in calcium can be harmful for adults causing improper calcium intake and related adverse effects), still they are supposed to be among the best natural sources of this mineral. Undoubtedly calcium is vital for our dental health and for our bone health, besides, low fat dairy products can bring plenty of other benefits. In particular, as one of the studies by a group of Danish specialists published in in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, in April 2009 has proven, a regular consumption of low fat dairy products can assist in preventing elevated blood pressure, that is why it is recommended to add low-fat yogurts or low-fat cheeses to our daily diet. It turned out that there are other incredible health benefits of low fat products consumed several times a day.

A group of American experts suggests that consuming low fat milk or low fat yogurt three times a day can be a great solution for middle-aged and elderly people to improve their bone health and prevent bone fractures. Those were the conclusions made by the scientists after analyzing the data collected while interviewing over 3200 middle-aged people in the framework of the Framingham Offspring Study. The participants were asked to make detailed reports about their daily diet and low fat dairy products. Further analysis has demonstrated that those participants who reported consuming three portions of low fat yogurt or low fat milk on a daily basis had much higher bone density. Thus, they had stronger bones, better bone health and reduced risks for bone fractures, compared to those participants who reported consuming low fat dairy products less that three portions a day, or to those participants who reported choosing high fat dairy products for their daily meals.

bone healthThe report about the study was prepared by Dr Shivana Sahni,  one of the supervisors of the study and a specialist of the Hebrew SeniorLife Institute of Ageing Research. For this study, Israeli experts teamed up with American scientists at Harvard University, who had great experience in studying health benefits of dairy products. “Dairy foods provide several important nutrients that are beneficial for bone health. However, cream and its products such as ice cream have lower levels of these nutrients and have higher levels of fat and sugar,” Dr. Sahni wrote.

The scientists underline that a great number of participants reported consuming low fat dairy products every day, as well as showed their being very well aware about nutritional values and health benefits of these products. Most of them knew that by adding low fat yogurt or low fat milk to the daily diet we enrich our body with good amounts of vitamin D, proteins, and certainly, calcium. Fortunately, almost every participant was aware about the fact that low fat dairy products are low in saturated fats, thus, choosing low fat dairy food is a healthier and more preferable choice for everyone of us. Many healthy diets of the world include using low fat yogurt or low fat cheese as an effective protection against cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, and other common diseases linked primarily to aging.

Osteoporosis is a health condition linked to reduced bone density and increase risk of bone fracture. Nowadays, this health condition affects plenty of middle-aged and aging people throughout the world, and only in the modern UK millions of men and women suffer from it. According to the latest estimations, every 1 or 2 women over 50, and every 1 in 5 men over 50 are diagnosed with reduced bone density and osteoporosis. Poor bone health is considered one of the main social concerns of our times, and every year millions of pounds are spent for treating osteoporosis and related health conditions. The experts from the National Osteoporosis Society and similar health care organizations are doing everything possible in order to increase public awareness about the problem, the most common causes of osteoporosis and the most significant risks related to poor bone health in modern people.

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