Seaweed SupplementSeaweed is a unique natural remedy used to support our health and provide our body with useful nutrients. Rich in iodine, seaweed is supposed to be an effective solution, natural treatment and prevention of thyroid related problems. It was recently reported that seaweed should be considered as an excellent potential natural arthritis treatment, due to a special compound with very powerful anti-bacterial and anti0inflammatory properties. The effects of seaweed consumption for more effective weight loss have been well known, and, according to the findings of an expert group from Sheffield Hallam University, eating the foods like seaweed can assist us in consume less calories without staying hungry. Recently, the findings of one more related study were published, saying that a new technology for effective weight loss has been developed. A new seaweed supplement is on the way, to be taken on a daily basis to help us lose weight more effectively (especially for obese people) and maintain the achieved results easier.

There are pretty many natural weight loss supplements available in today’s market. Some of those are designed to help us fasten our metabolism to make our calorie burning faster and more effective. Some are designed to suppress appetite, and this new seaweed supplement is going to be exactly one of those. A group of scientists at the University of Copenhagen tested the effects of the seaweed supplement on a group of 95 participants, aged between 20 and 55, divided into two groups, and compared the effects of using fiber seaweed supplement and a placebo drink.  natural weight loss supplementsIt is reported that overwhelming majority of those who used the supplement managed to achieve excellent results, considerably decrease their daily calorie consumption and reduce their body mass. However, the supplement offered to the participants had slight side effects including diarrhea and unpleasant taste. That is why about one fifth of the initial group could not stand on the difficulties of the experiment and dropped out, the scientists reported.

According to Dr. Arne Astrup, one of the study leaders, in order to receive one of properly working natural weight loss supplements based on seaweed, further development is necessary to improve the taste and the texture of this natural product. At the same time, Danish experts underline that the existing natural weight loss supplements made from seaweed cause more serious side effects including bloating, and have really terrible fishy taste.  Dr. Astrup says that their supplement actually tastes much better, but there is still enough room to improve the formula. The main active ingredient of the newly developed seaweed supplement is known as alginate, a thickening compound extracted from seaweed and used for cooking. The effects of alginate can be put to the following: when in stomach, it gets mixed with liquid elements there, gets bigger and simulates the effects of ‘full stomach’, like after consuming a large meal, this way allowing us feel full (without actually consuming too much of meals) and decrease our calorie consumption, aiding weight loss.

There are a number of medications for weight loss and other kinds of natural weight loss supplements which include this compound. Though the experiments have proven the effectiveness of this new seaweed supplement with 15 pound average weight loss for 12-week period of time, many experts suggest to treat the findings with great caution. They say that there are many questions related to not only seaweed products, but all natural weight loss supplements in general, since many people are convinced that such kind of supplement can have effects without diets and active lifestyle. Certainly, this idea is absolutely incorrect! Besides, according to Richard Mattes, an expert at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, a special attention should be pain to finding proper doses of alginate, which is essential for achieving weight loss goal with this supplement. The report about this study was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. For more information about the research click here.

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    Apart from weight loss, Sea weeds are known to treat thyroid problems because it is rich in iodine. Sea weeds are consumed by coastal people particularly in East Asia and it is known for treating several medical problems. Sea weed is also used to make bioethanol. There are so many uses for sea weed.