baby girlAll ladies who are dreaming about having a baby girl should eat great amounts of fruit and veggies, scientists say. A group of specialists from Delft and Maastricht universities (Denmark) carried out an extensive study and found scientific evidence of the fact that those women who consume a lot of green vegetables, fruit and rice (the foods rich in magnesium and calcium) have increased chances to give birth to daughters. In contrast to that, the women who consume a diet rich in such natural elements as sodium and potassium are most likely to have sons.

During the study, the scientists started working with 172 couples, who had 1-3 sons in their families and wanted to have a daughter. All women followed a magnesium-calcium rich diet supported with daily supplements of the mentioned minerals. Though by the end of the study which lasted for over five years, the specialists were left to work with only 32 couples, at the end of the experiment 26 couples gave life to daughters, and 6 couples gave life to sons.

Therefore, by eating green veggies and other foods rich in calcium and magnesium, women have increased chances to have daughters. Annet Noorlander, one of the Dutch scientists who supervised the experiments, says: “People now know that if they do everything we have suggested, their chances of having a girl will improve dramatically.” Undoubtedly, these findings are experimental and controversial, but those of us, young ladies, who really want to have a baby girl have nothing to lose by eating healthy foods, right? Read more about this research in an online edition of the journal Reproductive BioMedicine Online.

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