Milk Helps Reducing StressesStress reducing properties of milk were recently discovered by a group of scientists in France. The experiments followed by laboratory researches showed that lactium, an important protein which can be received form milk, has very strong calming and relaxing effects. It can lower blood pressure, as well as assist in dropping down cortisol levels in the body and stress reduction. Cortisol is a hormone that is produced in our body when we are stressed out and is linked to stressful conditions in our mind.

For more than 20 years the scientists were researching the powers of milk as a natural remedy for stresses and restlessness. The idea came out after observing excellent calming effects that milk has on babies. Along with studying the properties of lactium, French researchers found out stress-reducing abilities of another protein containing in milk. Casein, a chemical compound, is an ingredient that can improve our sleep quality and help in stress reduction. The results of this research were published in The Open Sleep Journal (September, 2009)

It is interesting that French company Ingredia Nutritional has created a special dairy product with high concentration of lactium in order to test the properties of this protein. It is reported that about 190 volunteers has tried this milky product and confirmed the theory that lactium has positive effects in our brain receptors and assists in calming down stresses and anxiety. It is planned to launch production of the capsules with lactium, which will help us combat stresses and depression.

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