Grapefruit effectsGrapefruit is considered one of the most healthy fruits, and grapefruit benefits are very well researched and proven by numerous scientific studies. A lot is said about grapefruit effects for weight loss, and this amazing fruit can be used to speed up metabolism and substantially reduce calorie consumption of a person who wants to lose weight. One of the most famous and effective crash diets is based on these properties of grapefruits. In addition, these fruits are very highly valued for their rich and diverse nutrient content, and by adding some fresh organic grapefruit to our daily diet we can benefit from a good number of vitamins and minerals of natural origin to support our body systems function. Certainly, therapeutic effects and health benefits of grapefruits go far beyond the mentioned issues, and there is a huge number of people who consider themselves true fans of this refreshing, juicy and positive gift of our Mother Nature.

However, due to recent information about negative effects of grapefruits and newly discovered dangerous interaction of the grapefruits that we can purchase in our markets and grocery stores with most of the medications, including 85 over-the-counter medications we commonly use, many people stopped consuming these fruits. In autumn 2012, the related findings were published by a group of Canadian specialists from the Lawson Health Research Institute, and reported by all leading national media around the world. Grapefruit BenefitsThose who want to find more information about this study and the conclusions of Canadian experts can check out the related publication in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, or see some interesting information in this article. As a response to these important findings, a group of scientists and plant breeders at the University of Florida developed a new type of grapefruit, a hybrid which has reduced mentioned grapefruit effects and allows everyone of us consuming grapefruits along with taking most of the medications from the 85 list.

The Florida University research group led by Professor Fred Gmitter carried out a thorough chemical analysis on grapefruit and grapefruit effects causing dangerous interaction with common medications. They could observe that organic chemical furanocoumarins found in grapefruits block the activities of certain enzymes in human body responsible for breaking down medications. As a result, those medications could enter bloodstream of a patient with unexpected concentrations. The research group developed a new grapefruit hybrid named UF914, which has minimized levels of those furanocoumarins compared to common grapefruits that grow and being cultivated in natural environment. The development of this new grapefruit type was followed by experiments, including testing the new grapefruit juice on cultural human cells. The researchers could see that no harmful side effects linked to possible interaction with medications took place, making UF914 grapefruits safe for being added to the daily diet of those patients who take regular over-the-counter medications.

According to the study leader, the innovative grapefruit breed was received by crossing red grapefruit and pomelos. The University of Florida specialists are now discussing the opportunity to launch extensive commercial production of the newly developed grapefruits. In addition, it is underlined that UF914 has boosted taste properties. Those who have tried these amazing grapefruits reported about those being sweeter and not as bitter as the common naturally growing grapefruits. Besides, the developed breed is seedless, is slightly larger and more juicy compared to traditional grapefruits. Florida researchers hope that their discovery will be available in the markets and grocery stores in about 5-7 years. Dr. Gmitter underlined that a lot of those study participants who did not like traditional grapefruits before admitted that the new grapefruit had very good taste and they would definitely start using it as a very valuable supplement to their daily diet. The findings of the study were recently presented at the annual meeting of the American Society of Horticultural Science and received very vivid response in the related scientific circles. Those who are interested in learning more information about this innovative grapefruit variety can go to this website.

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