bad habitsUndoubtedly, we all have bad habits which affect our health. But the most sad thing is: so many times and in so many ways our bad habits also affect the lifestyle and health of people around us. Unfortunately, according to the scientists, such habits as binging on junk food can not only make negative impact on our health, dear young ladies, but also affect the health of our children – and could even be passed to them! It is hard to believe, but so say Australian specialists from the FOODplus Research Centre in the School of Agriculture Food and Wine at the University of Adelaide.

The scientists found scientific evidence of the fact that those expectant women, who during their pregnancy and breastfeeding stick to a diet rich in fat and sugar, have very high chances to “program” their unborn children for being not able to resist their cravings for the foods rich in fats and sugar. In other words, eating junk food and other unhealthy foods during pregnancy can impact the developing brain of the child and push him to having a habit of eating junk food in the later life.

junk foodThe experiments were held on two groups of rats during the period of their pregnancy and lactation. One group was receiving usual type of diet, and the members of other group were fed by the foods high in sugar and fats, similar to what we eat as junk food. Weeks later, the offspring was allowed to freely choose the foods from usual rat food and junk food imitation. The scientists were surprised to witness that baby rats of the second group moms were picking exactly the foods rich in sugars and fats.

Further research showed that the babies of junk food moms have higher levels of opiod receptors, responsible for “food choice” function in the brains. The editors of the FASEB Journal, where the findings of this study were recently published, find these results quite interesting: “How ironic that your mother nags you to eat your fruits and vegetables, but it could have been her actions that helped you prefer junk food.” Other specialists are certain that the studies like this will help to bring to the attention of all pregnant women to the necessity to consume only healthy foods  (including healthy fats or moderate amounts of sugars, which are essential for the development of their babies) and the necessity to avoid eating junk foods in this period of their life.

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