SaffronMental disorders and various types of brain damage related to incorrect neuro transmission has grown into a very common health condition nowadays. A great deal of people are suffering from related problems, and at the moment, numerous scientific researches and studies are being carried out in order to find an effective remedy or solution to prevent brain cell damage, all sorts of inflammation and all types of disorders or illnesses linked to this condition. Recently, the findings of a new related study were published in The Journal of Immunology, a journal of the American Association of Immunologists.

It was found out that such herbal remedy as saffron, a known Indian medicinal herb and a culinary spice, has specific natural component called crocin, which can protect us from brain cell damage. Therefore, this natural component can be used for possible creation of a new treatment or therapeutic technology to prevent various brain cell damage and related diseases connected with neuro-inflammation or all possible problems with the transmission of neuro signals to the brain. In particular, a new remedy can be created for those thousands of people around the world who suffer from such serious disease as multiple sclerosis (MS).

multiple sclerosisIt is impossible to underestimate the importance of these findings as currently there are no effective treatments or cures for those who suffer from multiple sclerosis and related disorders (using medications can only help to reduce the symptoms but never deals with a root of the problem). “This research highlights a potential treatment role for crocin in diseases involving chronic neuroinflammation – something that had not been recognized until now,” Chris Power, one of the study group leaders and a specialist from the University of Alberta, said to the mass media.

Multiple sclerosis is a disease that affects people living in the developed countries and damages the process of communication between nerve cells in spinal chord and brain. The disease characterized with a great variety of neurological symptoms, starting from mild signs like headaches, dizziness, or fatigue, and ending up with muscle spasms, problems with vision, speech impediment, or inability to move properly. The most common alleviating treatments for this problem are currently include herbal medicine, a proper dietary regimen, helmintic therapy, and so on. Some possible new therapies for this disease are currently under investigation.

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