health benefits of rosehipsRosehip plant is one of the best natural sources of vitamin C and a herbal remedy with a great deal of therapeutic actions and properties. The red small fruits of this plant have been used for ages to treat a great deal of ailments and diseases, starting from the symptoms of common cold, and ending up with various types of inflammations like arthritis, etc. Health benefits of rosehips are numerous, and nowadays, it is one of the most common herbal remedies which can be used in the forms of capsules or supplements, as well as in the forms of rosehip tea, essential oil, extracts, and other herbal preparations.

A new study has shown that having rosehip extract on a daily basis can help us substantially lower the risks of heard disease, decrease the levels of LDL cholesterol in blood and normalize blood pressure. The findings of a recent study carried out by a group of experts at Lund University in Sweden, were published last week in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, rosehip extractsuggesting that using rosehip extract can play a role of an excellent natural solution for supporting our cardiovascular health, along with assisting us in our weight management efforts.

The experiments in Sweden lasted for 6 seeks, and 31 obese people were involved as a group of participants. Every participant was asked to drink a special herbal preparation with as much as 40 g or rosehip powder. In addition to this, daily diet of the participants also included fresh grape and apple juice. During the experiment, the scientists measured blood pressure, body mass, cholesterol levels, and other key indexes of the participants. A special attention was paid to such important indexes as blood fat levels and glucose tolerance, the most significant factors that can predict type 2 diabetes development.

In the end of the six-week period of time, it turned out that using rosehip extract is linked to a series of amazing improvements. Thus, the levels of bad cholesterol dropped down by 5-6 per cent in all participants of the experiments, and blood pressure decreased for 3.4 per cent (an average). Taking into account some other factors, the scientists came to a conclusion that using rosehip extract every day is linked to 17 per cent decreased risks of heart disease and cardiovascular problems. Prior to enjoying these and other health benefits of rosehips, talk to your health care specialist in order to prevent possible allergic reactions and other side effects.

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