Secrets of French DietThe diet of French people is considered a sort of phenomenal one by most of the modern nutritionists. French people consume pretty much of the foods like bread, butter, Roquefort cheese and other high fat cheeses, various desserts, processed foods, and so on, which are not considered too very healthy. At the same time, there are quite a few of overweight people in France, and the life expectancy in this country is quite high. Besides, the number of French people suffering and dying from cardiovascular diseases like a heart attack or a heart disease is among the smallest in the whole Western Europe. So, what are the secrets of French diet, and what are those miraculous food habits which make French people healthier?

There areĀ  a few theories related to this issue. First of all, some specialists say that traditionally, the nation has developed plenty of healthy eating habits, and always choosing quality over quantity is a key one. French people try to consume only high quality foods, that is why it is reported that every nine in ten people in France truly enjoy eating (compared to only about four of ten people in the modern United States). Cardiovascular HealthAnother principal good eating habit that has been traditionally practiced in France is always using small portions. According to the findings of a study by an expert group led by Paul Rozin, PhD, the University of Philadelphia, an average portion of any meal (from yogurt to a candy bar) in the US is 41-83 per cent larger than the one in France.

Everyone knows that French people consume lots of high quality wine, and it also contributes to a great cardiovascular health of the nation. Numerous studies have proven that a moderate consumption of a high quality white or red wine is beneficial for our health. Danish specialists found out that those people who enjoy drinking a glass or two of quality red wine usually make healthy food choices and live a longer life. A group of Canadian scientists studied the effects of high quality wine on cardiovascular health and found out that using a glass of wine every day can assist in reducing the risk for all common cardiovascular health conditions. Finally, an expert team from France published the findings saying that a regular consumption of high quality wine is a great weight loss solution.

Recently, some very interesting findings regarding to the benefits and secrets of French diet were published in the journal Medical Hypothesis. A specials scientific group conducted a study financed and controlled by the experts at Lycotec, a Cambridge-based biotech company, the main objective of which was to research the effects of mouldy cheeses like Roquefort cheese, blue Danish cheese, and other similar types of cheese on cardiovascular health and overall health of the French people. Roquefort cheeseAccording to the findings, Roquefort cheese and those kind of cheeses can be among the key foods to protect our cardiovascular health and assist us in preventing chronic and acute inflammation which is known to have strong links with cardiovascular problems.

That’s how it works: when we get injured or infected, our body’s natural reaction is usually manifested with a sort of chronic inflammation. It helps our body to activate all healing processes, but certainly has a certain damage to our health. In particular, such chronic inflammation can contribute to plaque formation in our blood arteries, this way damaging our artery walls and highly increasing our chances to suffer from serious cardiovascular diseases like a stroke or a heart attack. As the Lycotec scientific group members suggest, mouldy cheeses have very strong and very powerful anti-inflammatory properties, so consuming high quality Roquefort cheese can be an excellent solution for cardiovascular disease prevention.

The study findings say that anti-inflammatory properties of mouldy cheeses work the best in any acidic environment like in the stomach environment, in some skin type surface, and so on. The researchers are expressions their hope that the findings of their study will help other experts to possibly create a new anti-inflammatory techniques or approaches by using the discovered properties of mouldy cheeses like Roquefort cheese. Those who are interested in getting more information about the miracles and secrets of French diet and about anti-inflammatory effects of Roquefort cheese can check out the detailed report about the study in this article. Eat healthy and live a longer life!

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