Red Wine EffectsRed wine is famous for its high content of antioxidants, and drinking a glass of high quality red wine a day is proven to slow down aging, prevent most of cardiovascular diseases and several types of cancer. Red wine benefits have been proven by numerous researches and studies, and  one of the latest study was focused on discovering the effects of red wine on human body on chemical level. The findings of an expert group based in Cambridge University, turned out to be quite interesting, and the report about this study was recently published in the Cell online journal.

In particular, the main interest of the scientists was concentrated around a known chemical resveratrol that can be found in red wine in great amounts. Taken from natural sources like red wine or, for example, plants and herbs, this chemical is able to improve our overall health. In particular, it can lower negative effects of high-calorie diet, assist weight loss and reduce the risks of the most dangerous cardiovascular diseases. Red WineIn addition, previous researches have shown that this chemical helps in boosting the energy in our cells and increasing the amounts of proteins linked to energy production.

Previously, the mechanisms of resveratrol actions in our cells were pretty much unclear. During the study, it became apparent that this chemical works by making the cell “think” that there is a lack of energy in it, that leads to increased production of energy-producing proteins and boosting local levels of energy in our cells. The study group is convinced that by understanding these mechanisms, it will be possible to find out and use other similar chemical compounds that act in the similar manner as resveratrol.

Moreover, a great deal of specialists are sure that this important discovery can open a way to developing new effective treatments for such common diseases as type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, which can mimic the effects of resveratrol and provide our cells with more energy necessary to combat our disorders and illnesses. However, experts also warn all of us about the fact that increased consumption of red wine will not help us receive the stated effects and prevent the stated diseases. “Although you can get resveratrol from red wine, you would need to drink about 700 bottles to get a meaningful dose,” Dr Andrew Murray, an expert of Cambridge University who was a supervisor of the study, commented on the findings of his colleagues.

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