Red MeatThose who consume red meat in great amounts have much higher risks of developing cardiovascular¬† problems, cancer, and even suffer from premature death, scientists say. According to the findings of the scientists at Harvard Medical School, which were published a few days ago in Archives of International Medicine and the most of the UK and the world’s mass media, a high red meat consumption (especially red meat with a lot of fat) has been closely linked to increased risks of developing chronic diseases. Besides, there are certain relationships found related to mortality.

The study involved analyzing the data on about 37 700 men from the Health Professionals Follow-up Study (1986-2008) and 83 650 women from the Nurses’ Health Study (1980-2008), all the participants had a history of cardiovascular diseases and the symptoms of developing cancer, but for the starting moment of the survey had no very serious and life-threatening problems with their physical health. Their diet was thoroughly monitored through various questionnaires and observations. meatHarvard Medical School experts found out that adding just as little as one extra portion of red meat every week is linked to very high share of risks to our health and life.

In particular, it is reported that one extra portion of meat is connected with 18 per cent higher risks of developing a fatal cardiovascular disease, 10 per cent higher chances of developing a common type of cancer, and 13 per cent higher risks of premature death. The figures for consuming processed meat are even higher: 21 per cent for cardiovascular problems, 16 per cant for suffering from cancer, and 20 per cent for overall mortality. “This association was observed for unprocessed and processed red meat with a relatively greater risk for processed red meat,” it is stated in the report.

The scientists are convinced that increased amounts of saturated fat in red meat,¬†as well as increased amounts of sodium in processed meat could be reasons of increased risks of cardiovascular problems and other mentioned health conditions. That is why specialists suggest all of us using more lean sorts of red meat, and using healthy ways of cooking red meat (like grilling and others). Victoria Taylor, an expert at the British Heart Foundation, said: “If you eat processed meats like bacon, ham, sausages or burgers several times a week, add variation to your diet by substituting these for other protein sources such as fish, poultry, beans or lentils.”

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